Standing Strong as a Team

I work at a large university in Switzerland. We are also responsible for Online Exams which are held on our GNU/Linux setup. As during exams bad technical things could possibly happen we have to be available. Since the last year we have to be located in the same building as where exams are held (which is not my regular office building).

This has always been stressful to me as well, because hard crashes of the infrastructure will have a large impact. If everything goes wrong it might affect up to 200 – 500 students.

Today we had one of those exams and we have upped our team presence to four people in 3rd level as well as 2nd and 1st level. Everything went well and it gave me a really good feeling that we are such a strong team and can rely on each other.

So what’s the conclusion of this post? I have learned that things that might look frightening at first view, might work really smooth if you got colleagues on which you can rely on. Things that might look impossible for one alone are possible with a the help of a good team and friends.

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