Fix Realtek HD Audio Issues on Windows 10

Hell, it has been a heck of a time since I last blogged about Windows (if I ever did), but this one pissed me of a lot, and maybe it helps others.

After upgrading my X1 Carbon (1st Gen) from Window 7 to 10, the sound was a real mess. It was overtuned and all that comes out of the internal speakers was Crackling noise. I tried with the drives from Windows that have been applied automatically and also switched to the official Lenovo drivers. Even the latest upstream Realtek driver did not fix the problem.

After searching a lot through the wide open spaces of this thing called Internet, I finally found this Support Page from Microsoft.

In the Check Device Manager section it states that one has to change the driver to High Definition Audio Device. And it’s exactly called like that. There are other drivers available that sound similiar but won’t work.

So finally I am now again able to enjoy the whole content of the Web a bit more 😉

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